Christine's Second Surgery

Day 5 After Surgery

Although Christine still feels pretty rough, not surprisingly, her wounds are healing nicely and she is getting some color in her cheeks again. She is frequently visited by her surgeons and their associates. The consensus is that she is meeting their expectations nicely. She still has five tubes/drains, other wires and attachments, which are quite irritating, but obviously essential. She is breathing through a tracheostomy tube, and will do so for at least three weeks. This is because it will take this time for the swelling to go down in her neck. I estimate that she has about 70 stitches in her neck, however the doctors are hopeful that these will be unseen once the swelling has gone down. Dr Garvey needs to attend Friday Stitch and Bitch for a natter! Christine, under the guidance of a PT/OT nurse, is walking around the nurses station a couple of times a day, which is brilliant.

There have been a lot of ups and downs. Most annoying is the scheduling of the various nurse visits at random times during the night. I am sure it must be easy to schedule them to do their thing at the same time, rather than wake Christine up so many times. On the upside there is a considerable amount of expertise at MD Anderson, and we feel very grateful that we are able to use this hospital.

My biggest gripe is how stupid people are. With Covid-19 all around, why would you still want to cram into an already full elevator? I had to have strong words. I think I will have to man up, and take the stairs.

We expect that Christine will stay in hospital over the weekend and into next week. Nurse Andy is brushing up on his skills…. Before you ask, we will not be accepting any visitors for the duration. The risk is too high. Thanks for all of the cards, emails and texts, they have really cheered Christine up.