Christine's Second Surgery

Good Vibes

Christine getting the full treatment - Dr.Garvey and his trusty assistant working in tandem to get all those stitches out!

A short blog with lots of good vibes. Today's hospital visit with Faiysan (PA) and Dr. Garvey (aka The Dream Team), was fantastic!
- Face stitches came out
- Thigh graft donor site is healing cleanly
- Lower leg surgery site is progressing nicely, albeit slowly
- Arm graft staples have come out
- The wound vac machine was discarded!

Yay! No more dragging it around 24/7, so I'm not tied to the walker anymore! Free at last! This means that I should be able to drive myself to some of my radiation appointments…. in my own car! (the walker won't fit into the back of the 'vette). I will have to practice driving as I haven't really done any for six months - I hope I remember how!

So, on to Phase Three. Six weeks of radiation begin on Monday; 5 days a week for 15 minutes each afternoon. Thankfully, that will be at our local satellite facility, just 20 minutes away. A quick daily trip and then back into isolation, until Texans get some sense, and this whole Covid-19 thing gets better. Fortunately, MD Anderson is a dedicated cancer hospital and has no Covid-19 patients, and a very strict entry procedure, so it is a safe place to be.

As there will be not much more to report, this will probably be the last blog until after radiation finishes in mid June.