Christine's Second Surgery

We Have A Plan

Finally today we got a plan. Christine's scan results on Monday were fabulous showing no tumor - it happens but it’s rare. So chemo is finished and we move on to the next stage.
PET Scan (Dec 2019 on left, Mar 2020 on right)
Dr Blumenschein explaining the CT scan differences (Dec 2019 on left, Mar 2020 on right)

To prevent any return we now have to go the surgery route. Unfortunately Dr. Pytynia wants to remove all tissue that touched the tumor so that no residual microscopic cells can regrow again. That means removing all soft tissue in the lower left jaw and neck, the jaw bone (again) and the outer skin on the lower left side of the face. This is a repeat of the first surgery using bone from the left leg this time, but also using skin and tissue from the left upper arm to reconstruct the outer skin.
It’s a massive surgery that will take more than 12 hours, so an extra plastic surgeon is coming in to help. It’s not what we hoped for, but there’s no alternative. Let’s hope they get it right this time as I feel we’re right back where we were 10 months ago.

As they are using tissue from the left arm, it’ll be difficult to text etc. so don’t expect a reply, although I will be reading any messages you care to send. Check in with Andy for the latest news.
I expect to be in hospital for at least a week (13 - 20 March), then a long recovery at home, as before, followed by radiation treatment after a month or so.

It’s been a long, hard 10 months so far, but they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. At least we know what to expect in the next 10 months. I’ve asked for gold bolts in the neck as they seem to be turning me into Frankenstein’s monster!

Once again thanks for all of your support and kindness.