Christine's Second Surgery

End Of Radiotherapy

A Viking helmet moment! Christine rang the bell to signify the end of five weeks, and 30 radiation treatments. She even got to keep the mask! Let the healing begin! There is a long way to go yet, and prognosis is that it will take at least three weeks for all of the sores and blisters inside her mouth to heal, and the redness to subside. Once Christine is able to eat without her feeding tube, this will be removed, probably after two or three weeks. We have another visit to Dr. Garvey in a week or so to review all of her wound sites, but as these have generally healed nicely, we do not expect any issues with this visit. In August, Christine will have a CT scan, and subsequent consultations with Dr. Pytynia, and Dr. Chronowski will determine the success of all the treatments and surgeries that she has had this year.
The awesome radiation team! These guys save lives every day!
For those who are curious about the radiation, the mask is fastened to the table and Christine is completely immobilized. It takes just 5 minutes to nuke her. When this picture was taken she had just 8 sessions left. This radiation has been the worst part of all. We hope it’s been worth it.

Finally! It's been 5 months since we spoke to Christine's Mum, who is in lockdown at her nursing home in the UK! It was good to see her so well, and recovered from her COVID 19!

Lovely flowers and gifts to celebrate Christine completing her radiation therapy - thanks!!