Christine's Second Surgery

Immunotherapy Off

Christine and I spent the last two days at MDA downtown. It turns out that this was a complete waste of time, because, in their wisdom, the Ohio based leader of the immunotherapy program decided that Christine did not meet the necessary criteria. This, after four weeks of tests, approvals, consultations and boosting of expectations. We were not impressed.

What made it worse was the total lack of communication and empathy displayed by the program representative based in Houston. We were just about to go in to get the immunotherapy treatment, when she called for us go to another building, to meet with our oncologist. Despite calling her, emailing and paging her, she never even bothered to come and see us. She basically passed the buck. So unprofessional.

We waited another three hours before we finally go to meet with Dr. Blumenschein, who had unfortunately been backed up with other patients. He was equally as upset as we were, was very apologetic. He promised to take action to make sure that future program admission procedures would ensure that this does not happen again.
Dr Pytynia showing Christine the bad news

The plan going forward is basically the same, but without the immunotherapy. Dr. Pytynia and her team will perform surgery on December 27th to remove the tumor. Once the tumor has been removed, Dr Garvey and his team will remove some soft tissue and capillaries from Christine’s arm, to fill in the void where the tumor was, and join everything back together again.

This will be followed by about a week’s recovery in hospital. At the end of January, Christine will start six weeks of radiation therapy, with the option to also have chemotherapy if the pathology warrants it. The good news about not having the immunotherapy treatment, is that the radiation/chemotherapy treatment can now be done in Katy.
Tom, in the house to give a lending hand

Thanks again for all of your kind words, and support. It means a lot to us.