Christine's Second Surgery

Trach Out!

Just a quick update with Christine's progress. In the last couple of weeks, quite a lot has happened. Christine has finally had her tracheostomy tube removed. It was originally planned for Andy to remove the tube at home via a video link with the surgeon. Although he felt confident, we ultimately decided to wait a few more days to have it removed at the hospital. Having now seen the process, it was very straightforward!

Dr. P, whipping the tracheostomy tube out
A couple of days later we headed downtown to start the process of having the bits and pieces made in preparation for radiation treatment. The first part was making a stent that basically keeps the tongue away from the radiation. We then went up to the West Houston location for Christine to have a mask made that would keep her in the same place each time she visited so that the radiation treatment was focussed where it needed to be. Unfortunately, the doctor in charge has reviewed all the scans from a simulation run, and has decided on a different approach. This means that we have to go and get Christine measured again. I guess when you are having radiation five days a week, for six weeks, you want to make sure it is going to work effectively.
Custom made mask for the upcoming radiation treatment
I mentioned in the last report that the surgery to place a skin graft from Christine's thigh onto the big hole in her arm was set for May 4th. We got a call from Luke Skywalker to say this day was taken, and the surgery would now happen on April 27th. Consequently, the last week has been spent preparing for this. The day before surgery, Christine had to have a test for Covid-19, which, not surprisingly, she was clear. The surgery today went very well, although she still has the wound vac for another week or so as this will speed up the healing process. Whilst on the slab, Dr Garvey decided to go in and fix the infection on Christine's cheek. Again that went well, so hopefully that will be the end of the cut and paste process.
Well deserved glass of wine for the Viking queen
I'm not sure when the next blog will be, probably once we know how the radiation treatment is going. Please feel free to contact Andy for an update.