Christine's Second Surgery

Day 7 After Surgery

RN Teresa seeing us off the premises!

Well, Christine is home! After a lot of umming and airing, it was determined, after sign offs from both teams, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and an Andy capability test, that Christine was fit enough to come home today. This was quite a shock as we were originally told that she would be in over the weekend.

It was a real pleasure to hear her speak today for the first time in a week, when they replaced the surgery trach with one that enables you to talk. Here she is with nurse Jessica, one of the best nurses we have ever had. Now she has to put up with nurse Andy for the duration, although we do have nurse Yanet lined up again to pop in every other day to make sure that everything is in order.

Although the surgeries were similar in nature there are a number of different problems to overcome. Christine is left side dominant, and with all of the surgeries this time on that side, maneuvering is proving to be difficult and frustrating. Also she has a suction pump machine to carry around, which also presents some issues. Oh, and the trach tube, I won't go into the details, but it is not much fun for her. I am sure we will figure out efficiencies over the coming days. At the end of the day, she is alive and kicking, so we are all very thankful for that.
Finally made it to the sleeping healing chair!
The plan is to see Dr Garvey next week, when decisions will be made regarding the four remaining drains, the dressings, the boot, the trach and anything else we can think of that will make Christine more comfortable. Then the following week we see Dr Pytynia to discuss what further treatment will be needed. Considering we have an appointment with Dr Chronowski, the radiation oncologist, it seems that radiotherapy is in our future.

At chez Fryer we have battened down the hatches, only answering the door through the Ring App, and venturing out only when we have to. We have plentiful supplies, and are now hopefully locked away from the world. Needless to say, with all of the Covid-19 business going on, we will not be accepting any visitors. We will just have to have a virtual cup of tea together, and maintain that British, stiff upper lip!