Christine's Second Surgery

Finally, Some Good News

Christine showing off her new hair!

Christine had her CT scan to determine the success of the chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, and the news was good. To quote the report,
"complex new postoperative changes are identified and there is no evidence for infection or tumor recurrence.There is no evidence of hardware loosening or other hardware-related complications. There is no adenopathy". This basically means that the cancer has gone, her new jaw (leg) bone is still in place, and her lymph nodes are in good shape. We started this journey in April 2019 (see surgery blog 1), and you can't imagine how delighted we are that all of Christine's suffering hasn't been for nothing.

So what's next, I hear you ask?

Christine is still feeling some discomfort from the radiation, particularly on her tongue, but this is improving daily. Rather than use her feeding tube, she has started to eat proper food, and although it is liquidized, it is a step in the right direction. Hopefully the feeding tube can be removed in a couple of weeks or so. We are seeing and ENT specialist next week to figure out how to stop the ringing in Christine's ears, which is a side effect from the chemotherapy. After this, in September, we have to go back to Dr. Garvey, to start the reconstruction of her face. This will involve liposuction, and some resculpturing to get her face looking how is was before all of this started. Once this has been done, we then have to go to the dental department for Christine to have new teeth inserted. In addition, for the next year, we have to have CT scans every three months to make sure that there are no more recurrences.

Hopefully, by then, the Covid-19 vaccine will be ready, so that we can go and have a good holiday!

Thanks again to everyone who has shown such support and kindness to us. We are indebted to your friendship.