Christine's Second Surgery

Even More Good News

We had some great news today. Christine’s latest three monthly scan came back clear of cancer. Also she is getting her first COVID vaccine in a couple of days, and hopefully there will be some progress with her prosthetic teeth next week (although the dental department so far has been rather underwhelming). After this, in late March, she will be having a day procedure to re-sculpture her face. This will involve some liposuction and some tidying up of the scars under her chin. This will be performed by the mercurial Dr. Garvey. Seems he will do anything for cookies…
Looking good!

After this, who knows? Christine will continue to have three monthly scans this year, and with all of her knowledge from the last two years has volunteered to help other patients who are stepping into the unknown with their cancer experience. We are hopeful that at some stage this year we will be able to head to the UK to see all of our family. It's been a while… The only sticking point is Andy getting a vaccine. With him losing so much weight, he has fallen out of the obese category required to be in the 1b vaccinations. Let's keep our fingers crossed the rollout speeds up!!!

Stay safe!