Christine's Second Surgery

Chemo Working

It’s been a roller coaster 2 weeks since the last blog entry. Chemotherapy resulted in about a week of extreme fatigue and mouth ulcers, but on day 10 things started to pick up a little and we saw some improvement. The tumor on my face stopped growing and started to diminish and just 2 weeks after starting treatment, the visible tumor withered away and dropped off. (If you’d like photos, pm me!)

Today was a follow-up meeting with both my team leader and oncologist. Both were amazed at the progress made by the chemo treatment in such a short time and were very encouraging for a final positive outcome. Of course there is still a very long way to go, but the plan now is to continue with 2 more rounds of chemo to eradicate any rogue cancer cells, followed by a repeat of the original surgery with additional facial reconstruction to remove all traces of the tumor. I have a surgery date of 13 March - a Friday....good thing I’m not superstitious! There will be more post operative treatment but this is unsure at this stage.

Meanwhile, we continue one day at a time and thank all those who are supporting us as we fight on. We have the best family and friends near and far, and we appreciate all the help and encouragement from all. We have been blessed with the best.