Christine's Second Surgery

Here We Go Again!

Well, we promised you an update in mid November and we thought it would be the last one. Unfortunately a lot has happened since our trip to UK, visiting parents, kids and grandkids. Sadly, the cancer has returned as a big lump on the left jaw line, close to the original surgery site.

After a series of consultations, CT and PET scans, the plan of attack is to have a series of seven immunotherapy infusions three weeks apart, starting on 17
th December, another extensive surgery on 27th December to remove the tumor, and radiation treatment once I have recovered from the surgery.
Dr Blumenstein showing the imaging results

The immunotherapy treatment is a research trial for exactly this kind of cancer, and the oncologist thinks that this is the best option. There is the more conventional chemotherapy treatment that can be used alongside, if necessary. Check this
BBC article that explains the immunotherapy process very nicely.

So, we start the waiting game again, and see what happens. Physically, apart from feeling tired, I’m fine. I have no pain, just a huge hole in my face where the tumor is making an attempt to escape (better out than in, right?).

I have full 100% confidence in my most excellent medical team, and trust them to do their best for me. I’m trying to look for the positives in all of this, and I hope that it works for me and, just as importantly, the research results help many more people in the future.

I am quite at peace in my mind with it all, and won’t think about “what if’s”. We just take one day at a time, and try to carry on a normal life.

It's going to be another long haul, and we are both grateful for all of the support that we have received. Andy will update again after surgery.