Christine's Second Surgery

First Follow Up

Christine has been home for four days now, and we are coping quite well. We have a nurse visiting us three days a week to change the dressing on her arm. My tasks have been recording discharge and cleaning out her four drains, keeping her airwaves clean, administering drugs and feeding, etc.. With the aid of her walker Christine has managed to walk around our pool and has even done some work on her sewing machine. She does get tired very quickly though, which is understandable.
Today we headed downtown to MD Anderson to have our first post surgery follow up with Dr Garvey and his sidekick Dr Dhanani. The place was dead, with very strict entry procedures. I was almost not allowed in.

The photo above shows Dr Garvey and Dr Dhanani attending to Christine's wounds. The wound on her thigh created the graft needed to patch up the wound on Christine's leg. The wound on Christine's leg, is where the bone was taken to recreate her jaw, and the skin and flesh to recreate the gum. The wound on her arm was used to recreate her cheek, and still has to have a graft added. All is healing well. Dr Garvey removed three drains, which I was delighted about. My joy was short-lived, when he told me that I would have to dress the leg wound on a daily basis. Apparently it is easy! Let's see in the morning!

So, in essence, all is going according to plan. We are completely self isolating, using curbside pickup when necessary. The only real danger is visiting the hospital, strangely enough. Our next appointment is not until March 31st, when we see Dr. Garvey again, and then on April 2nd, when we will see Dr. Pytynia (she removed the tumor) for the first time after surgery. I will report soon after these appointments. Keep all the messages coming, as they really cheer Christine up. Thanks!