Christine's Second Surgery

Stitches Out!

Christine and I had to quarantine for fourteen days, so all of our appointments were put back by two weeks or so. It turned out that one of the care workers attending the ward that Christine was on had developed Covid-19 symptoms, so we had to self-isolate as a precaution. We didn't find this too difficult as we have been like this since Christine started chemotherapy back in December. We are extremely grateful to Kroger kerb-side, and all of our gofer friends.
Dr. Garvey removing the stitches inside Christine's mouth

With this delay, all of Christine's bandages were overdue being changed, and in the end we had to jerry rig some replacement bandages over the weekend. This meant that Nurse Andy was called into action. Fortunately our regular registered nurse, Yanet, visited on Monday…

Today we finally got to see Dr. Garvey and Dr. Dhanani. They were very pleased how everything was healing. Dr Dhanani removed the final drain (down to two tubes now), and the staples that were holding the graft on Christine's lower leg. Dr Garvey removed the stitches inside Christine's mouth, the 75+ stitches in her cheek, and properly redressed the skin graft doner site, which is causing Christine so much pain.

The problem now, with the hospital shutdown for non-essential surgeries, Christine will not be able to have the graft put on her arm until mid-May at the earliest. Unfortunately, this means she still has to lug around the wound vac machine, which is a bit of a pain in the backside. At least next week she will see Dr. Pytynia and should be able to have the trach tube removed. Next week she will also have a barium swallow test to confirm whether she can start eating through her mouth again. It seems radiation will be delayed to allowed all of the surgeries to heal for a bit longer. We are getting there, albeit slowly. I will report again next week, after the next follow up with Dr. Garvey. We hope that you and your families are all safe, and entertaining yourselves!

NurseYanet NurseAndy
Nurse Yanet and Nurse Andy
GarveyLeg Dhanani
Dr. Garvey and Dr. Dhanani in action.

Beautiful hydrangea arrived today from Jane Hey