Christine's Second Surgery

Some More Good News

Some of the doctors and nurses that have helped us through the ordeal

Christine had her six month CT scan this week, and we are so pleased to report that she is still clear. The scans are quite interesting to view, particularly scanning through image slices.
CT Scans from 12/19 (left) and from 10/20 (right)

The good news is that we do not have any surgery appointments now until the end of January 2021. We are so grateful for the talented surgeons and nurses at MD Anderson to have pulled this off. We are also grateful for all of the friends and family that have given us so much support over the last two years. It has been quite a journey.

Curly haired Christine with the fantastic nurse Lindsey

Overall, Christine is managing really well, and despite not having any teeth at the surgery site, she is eating and drinking most things. Most importantly she has rediscovered her taste for wine, which had disappeared from all of the radiation treatment. She has invested in some pretty cool walking sticks, and has started to walk around the neighborhood to help improve her mobility. She has also had some hearing aids fitted, which are helping mitigate some the hearing damage caused by the chemotherapy treatment.


Christine is currently in the process of having some replacement teeth fitted, and hopefully this will completed as soon as possible.

On the social side, like everyone else who has some sense of the seriousness of Covid-19, we are keeping to a small bubble of like-minded friends. We do try to have a day out once a week, and now that the hospital appointments have dwindled, and the weather is cooler, these trips have become a welcome distraction.

Once again, thanks for all of your support, and stay safe! Our next update will be after the next CT scan in the new year.