Christine's Second Surgery

First Chemotherapy

After an amazing logistical effort by the team, in particular Dr Blumenstein's clinical nurse Jancy John, Christine had her first infusion of the induction chemotherapy treatment today. This was a six hour session at MD Anderson downtown having what is known as the TPF regimen. This consists of the drugs docetaxel, and cisplatin, which were administered intravenously, and fluorouracil, which is administered as a continuous 24-hour infusion for 4 days. These drugs have been FDA approved for this type of cancer for quite some time, but are administered much more often now because the side affects can now be managed more effectively with other modern drugs. This process is repeated every three weeks, after which there will be a scan, and blood analysis to review progress. It is likely that Christine will need at least three, if not four of theses cycles, before we can even consider surgery. Andy and Christine have subsequently received training on how to flush her catheter which needs to be done on a daily basis. We are hoping that once everything becomes more routine, all of the treatments can be moved to the MD Anderson satellite hospital in Katy.